1. Moenia and Nubigena

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Burn holes in man's heart
and change themselves into hot screaming
And the screaming
remains in man's soul
And the soul
Is as cracked
as the skin on his palms...

Callous skin
From the labour
Callous spirit
From the terror

Don't ask for his age.
Don't ask where he's going.
He won't tell you anything.
However, me, who tells this story,
knows it all.

Let me introduce myself.
I am The Comforter.
I consist of many souls.
For your eye I'm invisible.
I live where spirits have
left a long time ago.
And I'm telling this story.

"If you survive the terror,
you become stronger."
As Annus did.
A little boy,
son of his father,
who's running away from home at the moment.

1. Moenia and Nubigena

No one would ever believe how much people can change.
I have known this young man since he was a little boy, barely eight years old. His long, golden hair was dangling around his suntanned face. His heavenly blue eyes were emitting sadness and pain, but no helplessness. No, no helplessness at all. Those were eyes full of light, even radiation! There was strength and longing for freedom, but no evil.
Annus Victus was running as fast as he could. He was leaving Nubigena, a city where he was born and where he had lived all time before. A small blue rucksack was jumping on his back, carrying food and drink and a bit of money which he had stolen from a pocket of mum's winter coat. Wind was rustling in his ears and drops of sweat were falling from his forehead. He had been apparently running for a long time.
Courage and determination could be seen in his eyes as well as suffering and drudgery, something tough and cracked was asleep in there. As cracked as the skin on his palms...

Yes - the Annus how he was known among his neighbours was already being formed there.

He stopped in a nearby city called Moenia. There he settled and within a few years he grew into a young man with a strapping and muscular shape.
At the time when he was settling, there was a great demand for workers in the local quarry. They couln't employ him yet, of course, and so he agreed with one of the workers on helping him with the work and gaining a part of his wages in return. The man was surely asking him where he was from. Of course he was offering him a new home, warm food, a family... But Annus would never hear. He wanted only money for his work and he didn't talk to him much about anyting else. He refused to tell him anyting about his past nor about his present.
And so he had worked there for ten years like that before he was finally eighteen. Then he could be employed full-time. Until then he had saved a lot of money, but he told himself to earn a lot more. And so he worked from sunrise to sunset, till he got entirely worn-off, unless he fell right in his bed. He had endured that for two years without any pause.

One day he decided he had saved enough money. Therefore, he bought a small flat and in a few months he also purchased an older car. Those were the best moments in his life. When he entered his home for the first time, when he firstly drove his car... No one can ever imagine how proud of himself he was! He considered it as the greatest goal in his life. Finally he was independent. Finally he didn't need anyone. He was watching himself in the mirror and couldn't belive he made it.

Annus had never been socializing with people. No one had ever interested him. He had some friends only among co-workers, but he had never had a glass of beer in their company. He had simply nothing to tell them.
However, despite his pesonality, he didn't live alone forever...

One morning he was reading newspaper as usual. There were articles about a prisoner who had escaped, about an injured tennist, about a large number of politician's lies... But somewhere in the middle of the newspaper he stopped reading, when he saw a photograph of a skinny little boy with coal-black hair. Yes, he had met the boy never before, but something on his face seemed so familiar... His eyes and nose were the same as Annus's. Quickly he read the text below and he forgot even to breathe. The boy's name was Desperatus. Desperatus Victus. An the text was explaining that he was now lying in the hospital with broken ribs and that these fractures had been done by...
"RUMPUS!" screamed Annus's subconsciousness furiously.
Yes, Rumpus Victus. The scary man from the old times of his past, his father. The father who did it all to him, who ruined the life of his and also of the others. His upbringing was strict, very strict. It consisted of hard work and beating. Nothing was good enough, Annus had always been a good-for-nothing, who had never been able to reach any goal, who couldn't make a living... And Annus was often laughing at those words in the present, because he knew he had made a good living, that he had reached many goals. However, he didn't have the right mood for laughing at the moment.

He thought of his brother and father with a terrible expression on his face.
Why hadn't Desperatus escaped yet? He looked much older on the photo than him when he had done it. But now - now he had a chance to run away. He was in the hospital, father surely wouldn't visit him or let mum go there.
A visit! Annus lifted his head and looked out of the window. It came to his mind that he could see his brother...
And so he did.
He started up his car immediately and headed off to Nubigena. When he parked it in front of the hospital, he could feel butterflies in his stomach. He didn't feel good about being in that town with rotten memories again... Annus overcame his odd feelings and entered the large building, walking fast and firmly. There was an elderly man sleeping at the reception. Annus rather didn't wake him up and went directly where he had laid, too, and his injury had been caused by Rumpus as well.
He had known the hospital, but he didn't remember it like that. There was such friendly atmosphere. The walls had been painted green and some patterns on the floor had been drawn by some children, he guessed.
Annus glanced at the vivid colours shortly and didn't pay attention to them any longer.

Finally he got to the right department. There he asked for the number of the room. Nobody asked him any questions, which he appreciated.

Carefully he knocked on the door, where Desperatus was supposed to be. When a double-voiced "Come in!" echoed, he entered.
In the bed closer to him there was an unfamiliar boy, but in the bed near the window... There was Desperatus laying and watching Annus curiously. And Annus was doing the same.
He thought about how miserably Desperatus looked. How pale and skinny he was. He felt sorry for him, but he didn't want to show it. Pity had never helped anyone...

"Err... Hello." said Annus huskily. He cleared his throat and came closer to his brother.
"I'm bringing a bar of chocolate." he added and put a thing he had bought in the opposite shop on the bedside table.
Desperatus watched it with distrust and then he turned to his brother.
"Who are you?" he asked.
Annus sat on the bed and looked straight in his eyes. In the same eyes as he had himself.
"I'm your brother." he whispered. "My name is Annus. I have run away from my parents years ago."
"They have never told me anything about you." Desperatus replied suspiciously, but it seemed as though he had recognised the bright blue eyes.
Annus nodded knowingly and said: "That doesn't surprise me at all."
And then they both were silent for a long while.
Then Desperatus unwrapped the chocolate and offered a piece to his brother. Annus took it and thanked for it politely.
"Are your... Our parents... Going to come?" Annus asked fearfully.
Desperatus began to shiver a bit and answered with simple "No."
"All right."
They ate chocolate quietly. From time to time Desperatus asked his brother some questions in order to make sure that Annus was really his brother. And so Annus had to tell him the names of both parents, where they worked, how it looked inside the house... In the end Desperatus believed him, which filled Annus's heart with warmth. After eating the chocolate Annus decided about trying to persuade his brother to escape.
"I hate our father." he said. He waited on Desperatus' nod and then continued:
"I'm sure you hate him, too." Desperatus didn't answer and looked out of the window instead.
"I could help you... break... free." But Desperatus was still staring out of the window. He didn't look as if he wanted to say a word.
Annus waited for him to speak, but nothing happened, so he decided to leave. He stroked Desperatus on his head (a bit harder and clumsier than he intended), said "As... As you wish." and walked towards the door.
At the door he turned and whispered: "I will come back." Desperatus nodded.
The unfamiliar boy stared at the scene with emotion. Annus fixed his eyes on him and noticed that he's just about three years old...
The little boy smiled, put up his bandaged hand, waved and said: "Bye-bye!"
Annus went away without any answer.

Since then he had visited Desperatur frequently. All those visits were similar. He said hello, brought something, told him a few awkward words and went away.
A day before Desperatus' release he visited him for the last time and asked if he wanted to run away with him.
"You can live with me." he added.
Desperatus goggled, then he looked away and hesitated.
"Father would kill us both." he said in the end, but more happily than he wanted to.
"He wouldn't kill us, I... I am much stronger... than him." said Annus. "He would never hurt us again, I promise."
Desperatus smiled weakly, but then he began to shiver.
"But what about mum? I can't just leave her there!"
Annus uttered a sigh, stared out of the window and said: "Yeah, I thought about it many times when escaping."
Desperatus awaited more words.
"After all," he went on "She can leave him, too... She's had the opportunity many times."
"That's true!" brother agreed.
"And you could have escaped as well... Much sooner."
Annus stood up from the chair, winked conspiratorially at his brother and uttered:
"Tomorrow I will come for you. Prepare yourself."

The next day, when the boy came out of the hospital, there were three people in two cars waving at him. On the left there were his parents, Anna and Rumpus. But on the right... There was Annus standing with hands on hips shouting:
"Come! Run! Quickly!"
Desperatus decided in a second. His feet moved in the direction where Annus was. As soon as he sat in the car and Annus shut the door after him, he looked out of the window curiously.
Both brothers' parents were running towards him.
"Hi. Father." Annus uttered venomously, when Rumpus stopped in front of him. He was already an elderly man with bushy eyebrows, which were almost hiding his eyes as he was frowning so much.
"Give me that boy or I'll skin you alive!" Rumpus screamed.
Annus laughed, because he knew how much taller and stronger he was. And surely Rumpus realised it, too. He looked in his eyes hatefully and said:
"Keep that stupid brat then! As it is, he's just a good-for-nothing!"
"You were always saying the same about me." Annus reminded him with his teeth clenched.
With the corner of his eye he saw his mother, who was just staring at the ground in silence.
"But this is different. You will see." Rumpus answered triumphantly.
Annus waved his hand and then he nodded at his mother. Anna lifted her eyes and looked at her son with misunderstanding.
"Come. Please." Annus whispered.
Anna shook her head with silent words: "You have never understood anything. I don't want to abandon him, I have told you many times." and she turned to go.
Rumpus looked at his son curtly, then he spat on him and left as well. And Annus was thinking of hitting his stupid face... He didn't exactly know why, but he didn't hit him. Maybe there was still some respect for his father left in his soul...
When he got seated in his car and shut the door, he heard Desperatus' voice:
"If someone spat on me like that and I had hands as big as you do, I would beat him!"
Annus lowered his eyes and shook his head.
"Well... Sorry for disappointment."
Desperatus shrugged.
"Are you ready? We're going home!" Annus exclaimed with mighty voice and started up the car.
Desperatus gave him a wide smile and said:
"You're my Superman."


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